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How to send a weather balloon into space

How to send a weather balloon into space.
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The best gifts for cyclists under $25

It's that time of year again, where you start to stress out about finding just the right gift for that crazy cyclist Uncle Fred... You are worried that that piano key neck tie waiting under the Christmas tree won't exactly bring the smile to Fred's face that you were hoping for? Well fret no more, because we have put together a list of a few items that we think will turn his frown upside down AND won't break your piggy bank either because honestly you don't really want to spend that much on Fred in the first place... So without further ado here are a few (cheap) present ideas for that cyclist in your life for this Christmas.

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We Sent the World’s First Bicycle into Space!

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Introducing our Colorado Wrap

Colorado flag bike wrap for the top tube of the bicycle.
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BikeWrappers is now in Colorado!

BikeWrappers written by GPS in Denver.
Putting our digital mark on the map...
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Here's What 20 Famous Bicycle Brand's Logos Would Look Like If They Swapped Colors With Competitors

We decided to try a little fun visual experiment AND test out our graphic design skills at the same time... We took some of cycling's biggest and well known brands and swapped the color schemes with one of their competitors. I know it doesn't seem like it would be much, but once seeing the logo that you've known and loved for so long in someone else's clothes, it is a little unsettling AND mesmerizing at the same time. It's funny how we associate certain colors to particular companies and when what we know changes, it can just seem awkward and strange. At the same time, it took us a second to realize which logo was the original...  Anyways, we thought it was a little bit of a trip and fun to play a trick our brains. Lastly, I know our company isn't exactly a big, well known, or famous brand in the cycling industry(VERY VERY far from it) but since it is our list and all, we get to and had to include it. Plus it was fun to swap colors to see how our logo could look...

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The Periodic Table of Cycling

We like bicycling, obviously… We like science… We thought it would be great to celebrate the combination of the two by going back to our high school Chemistry 101 days and recreate the periodic table of elements with our own cycling twist. We’ve replaced all elements in each groups and period with a bicycling related term, part, phrase, or just biking slang… For example element number 72 – F (Francium) has become element 'Fred' or 50 –Sn (Tin) has now fittingly become the ‘Bike Snob’… We’ve got pretty much every discipline covered from mountain and road biking, to cyclocross, to professional cycling. We racked our bicycling brains to get each cycling element just right to create our table. Hopefully this pic is HQ enough for you to see the detailed fruits of our labor and read all 112 new cycling elements. We’re slightly proud of this one ourselves which took some serious photoshopping and decided to even make this one into a shirt… If you really like it too you can check out our t-shirt in our store here.

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Best Colleges for Cycling By State

Fun visual map of best colleges of bicyclists by state.
A visual map of the best colleges for cycling broken down by state.
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10 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike Inside

Unfortunately, not everyone has a nice spacious garage to store their pretty bike or if you’re like most cyclists, bikeS… Or even worse, their city garage may be prone to bike thieves who want to help you prematurely part ways with your two wheeled companions. What is a biker to do? Protect those babies inside and use them to decorate your house at the same time. We made a little list of some ideas that may be your solution. And of coarse, we recommend having a set of BikeWrappers on that top tube to protect your bike from scratches...

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Bike Wraps are featured on CNN's segment Think Big Start Small.
Bike Wrappers are called blinding accident blockers in 7X7 SF magazine.

BikeWrappers become the bicycling guinea pig in the express night out section.
Biking Bis thinks that BikeWrappers are the best biking idea we have had.