[INFOGRAPHIC] How does cycling compare to driving a car every year?

An infographic comparing the costs of annual transportation by car vs bicycle.
We put together this little infographic showing some interesting statistics about driving your car compared to riding your bike every year.

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    This isn't to imply that bike suburbanites can't likewise be drivers as an postscript. The vast preponderance of the to a great number energetic bike advocate I know are single without kids. The occasion of have a young person and no auto with which to carry in the district of said kid sounds like a flat out bad dream, above all on the off chance that you live outside a downtown area.

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    The tremendous prevalence of the to an awesome number lively bicycle advocate I know are single without kids. The event of have a youngster and no auto with which to convey in the region of said kid sounds like a level out terrible dream, most importantly in case you live outside a downtown zone.

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    James Dean Jacket (Friday, 04 August 2017 04:47)

    A bike, additionally called a cycle or bicycle, is a human-fueled, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels joined to an edge, one behind the other. A bike rider is known as a cyclist, or bicyclist.



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