One easy way to improve your(our) life...[INFOGRAPHIC]

Bike more...that is. I came across this and it does a pretty neat job of conveying all the benefits of bike riding in a fun and little mustachioed man way. I would say that even if half the stats listed in this infographic were would still make a pretty convincing argument to ride your bike more.  It's healthy for you, it saves you money, it is good for the environment, and oh yeah riding a bike is just fun. A couple of the key points it lists, if you can't tell from the infographic below:


  • the average person will lose 13 lbs in their first year of riding to work.
  • a French study found that bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour.
  • 20 bikes can be parked in the same space as a car.
  • adding 30 minutes of daily cycling saves each of us $544 in medical costs annually.
  • across 55 major US cities, commuting by bike rose 70% between 2000-2009.


Now it also seems like it says the way to answer all our problems is to just move to Portland and ride our bikes, but don't think the city would quite be able to handle an influx of 310 million people. It is really just a good and simple example of how the US city with the largest ridership of people that commute by bike(6%) effects the community.

The two wheeled key to better health and a better world.
How Bikes Can Save US [Infographic]

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