BikeWrappers can even be seen from outer space!!!!

BikeWrappers from Space...or by RunKepper
BikeWrappers from Space...or by RunKepper

OK, well that title may be a little misleading. A more appropriate headline would probably be 'BikeWrappers can be seen from GPS SATELLITES from space.' 


So I needed to get out and go for a little ride yesterday and figured what better way than doing a little GPS map writing(no idea if that is a real thing). I figured it would be kind of like those planes that write out stuff with smoke in the sky, but using my fancy phone instead. Being in San Francisco made it a bit challenging with all the hills, but figured the Richmond district would be a great place to do it. Plus the roads there kind of look like a piece of graph paper. So I fired up the RunKeeper App on my phone, decided to get a little creative in my route, and got some urban cycling in(with our BikeWrappers on of course). It took a little mental horsepower for me to make sure I was writing it out properly from the street and took a little over an hour to do, but the final GPS product is kind of cool...and we spelled it right. We are just glad we didn't name the company, "Reflective Wrappers That Go On Your Bicycle So You Can Be Seen At Night". That would have been a doozy...


And a random fact. How many miles did it take to spell this out to be seen from space? ...13.7. You can see the full RunKeeper stats here.

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    Tommy (Wednesday, 10 November 2010 19:20)

    That's actually pretty awesome.


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    Tony (Monday, 15 November 2010 00:03)

    Very creative. I'm impressed.



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