Who Likes Scavenger Hunts and Free Schwag?

Get out your compasses, your GPS units, your smartphones, your ability to navigate by the stars, or just your freaky psychic abilities to compete in BikeWrappers first promotional giveaway. Why do you need one of these nifty gadgets or supernatural abilities to participate in this competition on Tuesday June 15th starting at 7:30 PM? Quite simply because we will have several sets of our BikeWrappers scattered throughout the city of San Francisco to be discovered by those lucky, quick, and diligent enough to beat out all your fellow scavenger hunters to the secret locations. The whole promotion will be run through the Twitter account@BikeWrappers with the instructions, news, locations, updates, and all that good stuff being posted before, during, and after the fateful night. So how is this all going to work, you ask? Starting promptly at 7:30 PM on June 15th, 2010, we will tweet out the GPS coordinates of all of the hidden sets of BikeWrappers. All you need to do is, take those coordinates and put them in your GPS or your smartphone and try to be the first one to find it. Once you get to one of the spots, the free set of BikeWrappers(a $45 value) will be hidden in a cone with a reflective BikeWrappers sticker on it so bring a flashlight if you want to make it a bit easier on yourself. If you are one of the lucky folks to beat everyone to the punch, please send a message(preferably with a pic) to @BikeWrappers that you have found your set at the location # and we will tweet an update so everyone knows not to waste their time going there and can race to one of the other spots. We will be diligently tweeting the progress of the scavenger hunt and let everyone know when it is over and they have all been found. So how exactly will you find these things with just a GPS location? Well, luckily for you people that have a fancy smartphone, you can use this to enter in the GPS location into Google,Yahoo, or Bing maps, download yourself a Geo-cacheing app(here’s 11 good ones to choose from), or use your own or borrow a friends’ GPS unit to simply enter the coordinates. For example, this will be an example tweet: “Location #1: (37.802°N 122.419°W) or just enter (37.802, -122.419) into your Google Maps”. If you do this, you will see that the location is (the famous Lombard Street in SF). 

So let the games begin…on June 15th…@7:30 PM… sharp. If you aren’t lucky enough to find a set yourself…or don’t know what BikeWrappers are, visit www.BikeWrappers.com to buy your own or learn a bit more about them and us.


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