well, it took a little while but we have done it. we're proud to announce that we've got our own App accepted into the iTunes App store.


now what does the BikeWrappers app actually do? it will turn your phone into a Bike Light. not only that but it has a calorie calculator, biking safety guide, AND a jukebox in it too. so now you can strap on your actual BikeWrappers, read some tips on how to bike safer, select a music playlist filled with Vanilla Ice and Hammer to jam out to while riding your bike, throw your phone in your armband or backpack pocket so it's seen, bike to wherever you're going, THEN figure out how many calories you just burned to get there... you don't have to do all these things to use the app(we would choose a little Queen instead) but can IF you want to. 


if you have any questions or technical problems with the app, send an email to contact at bikewrappers dot com. 

as seen in...

Bike Wraps are featured on CNN's segment Think Big Start Small.
Bike Wrappers are called blinding accident blockers in 7X7 SF magazine.

BikeWrappers become the bicycling guinea pig in the express night out section.
Biking Bis thinks that BikeWrappers are the best biking idea we have had.

proud to make our product in the USA and are a member of SFMade...

Bike Wrappers are a proud member of being locally made in SFMade.
get our very own Bike Light App for your iPhone!
get our very own Bike Light App for your iPhone!


what bikers are saying about them...


"they are like light sabers on your bike."
-Lee B. - Fairfax, CA


"i've had tons of people stop me to ask what they are"
-Tommy L. - San Francisco, CA


"after seeing how bright they are, I would never think about biking again without them on at night."
-Rob G. - Norfolk, VA


"they basically turned by bike into a TRON-like bike at night without any batteries.""

-Ramy S. - Charlotte, NC


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